First day of class!!

9 Jan

Today was my first day of english class! The class started at 11 and I got inside the classroom at like 10:55 so when I walked inside, there was already a shitload of people in the class and I felt like I was walking on the runway when I was trying to find a place to sit at. I ended up picking a seat behind some tall girl who had her hood up the entire class period so I could only see half the board!!!!! -_- This semester I wanted to stay away from the front seats row because of any future potential clothing issues but there was a really good seat in the front row all the way at the end of the row that I should’ve taken but since I had such an idiot mind this morning, I didn’t take it!! So now I have to sit behind tall hoodie girl and pray for the best. #awkwardgirlproblems

My professor was funny though, sometimes. I guess class will be entertaining this semester but what sucks is that she’ll kind of go off topic and drone on about it. The class is only an hour and fifteen minutes long! We didn’t even finish talking about the syllabus, there was about NINE pages of the syllabus and we only got to page four. -___- So I guess I’m a little worried about how she’ll deal with lectures in class… :0Ā 

I am extremely excited to start a new semester though. I wish I had more money to take another class but what can you do?šŸ˜¦

Full Sail University

4 Jan

Hello all! I think I may have decided on a career choice. I’ve been doing some research on full sail university and it has a very interesting major that attracts me. Creative writing for entertainment is something I may become happy with if I really devote my time too. I am usually a procrastinator and such. Anyways, one slight ‘problem’ is that Full Sail is in Florida so I’ll be taking my classes online so hopefully it won’t be harder to concentrate and such. I’m going to take one class at my local community college and then hopefully start my online life at Full Sail. I am worried though about tuition but I guess I’ll just have to handle it.

I will try to record my journey here regularly. =)

$hopaholic lulz

8 Jun

Got the new pink hello kitty vans.

Might get the black/red ones!

OH!!! and for those who are considering getting the vans then I suggest you go half a size down. I am normally a size 7 but I had to get a size 6.5 because 7 was a little too loose.

Also, has anyone gone to the h&m or forever 21 in DC? H&M there has two floors and the forever 21 has three!!!!! Its beautiful!! It’s right by the metro and about a ten minute walk from chinatown. The downside to the stores though is that it gets crazy busy even at like 11 am on a weekday. I was like WTFFFFFFFFF. I guess people were on their lunch break and just decided to go shopping.

I kind of like the H&M at Tysons Mall though but just because it’s more open to look around.

Annoying commenters on Youtube

30 May

Just how many times have you seen these stupid comments on youtube?

Example #1: First place losers.

Some attention whore: FIRST COMMENTER?! YUP, THAT’S ME!!!!!!!!

As more people comment on that same video, the less likely they’ll see you’re comment. Not like they even wanted too.

Example #2: Video has 1000 likes but only 302 views.Ā 

Some idiot: Like if you’re also the 302 viewer! ROTFLMAO ^o^ *ignorant of world’s problems*

302 people should just team up andĀ annihilateĀ you.

Example #3: Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ Video has 12000 likes and 500 dislikes.

Some other idiot: 500 people don’t have a baby, baby, baby, oh.

Really? Not even original. -____-

Example #4: The shameless desperates.

Some asshole: Cool video! I made a video similar to this you guys, check me out! HEHEHEHEHEHEE.

Why bother? People only look for the funny comments. And for the comment that a lot of people have replied back to.

Example #5: The chain-letters.

Some dumbass: Help!! Copy and paste this CrAAaaaAAzy chain-letter on 20880803 other youtuber’s page and you will finally free my soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-__- You copy and pasters believe anything.

Shoe Deals Vid

7 May


So I made this post about shoes I bought and how much they cost (cheap) and I wanted to show you with pictures. However, every time my post uploaded the pics wouldn’t show!!! I had no idea what the problem is so I just made a youtube video to show you instead. Hehe.

Hope you enjoy!

jap festival

28 Apr

On April 9TH was the Japanese Street Festival in DC. I am TOTALLY late for writing about this but better late than never. ^_^;

I went with my friends and bf and it was totalllyy fun. I bought many goodies, I think I spent about $200 or something. There was a free parade, but I didn’t see it. I was too excited to enter the actual street festival so that’s why I missed the parade. So anyways, entry was $5. There were two stages, both on opposite sides of the festival. I remember one stageĀ had a ‘cosplay show off’ or something lol. It was pretty cool but there weren’t enough people participating in it. It really made me want to go to an anime convention though.

Five people participated. The main highlight of the entire showing was the announcer on the left, he was funny. I’m kidding, all of them did good jobs. Hehe. I wish more people showed off their outfits if they did were something though! I would’ve dressed up if one of my friends dressed up along side me. Hehe.

My friends and I also played ‘house’ with a Kotatsu!! A kotatsu is a low wooden table that has sides covered in a blanket. The japanese pull it out during winter time because you put your arms and legs underneath the blanket and it’s extremely warm and cozy. I probably didn’t explain it right, lol.

The stand next to the kotatsu had a Shinto Shrine and a portable shrine. The shrine I went too had an offertory box and a bell that I had to ring once I offered money. I was extremely excited to do this because in a lot of animes I watch, the characters go to these shrines and do all thisĀ stuff like offer money, make a prayer, and then ring the bell. I asked the priestess immediately if it were possible to do the whole ‘shrine thing’ and was extremely happy when she said I could.

There was a lot of shops to buy things. I, of course, went crazy. I went from stand to stand, looking for the best things to get. There was an ‘i heart guts’ shop, ‘kawaii stuff’ shop, and some regular anime selling shops. A lot of stuff seemed expensive but when I looked online for similar items, it was a few dollars cheaper to buy them at the festival than buying online. For instance, there were these incredibly cute ‘tea for two’ tea sets by Shinzi Katoh. They were being sold at the festival for $29 but online it sells for $35 and up. I’ve seen some for $45-$50 something. It really makes me regret not getting them while I was there. Next year, I am going to bring $300 or something, haha.

Anyways, here are the stuff I got. I bought a Sephiroth cellphone charm…. but Sephiroth disappeared while I was out shopping.šŸ˜¦ I wish I lost him while I was at home and not out in the real world….šŸ˜¦


class schedules

22 Apr

I just picked my classes for the fall semester. I am four months ahead of schedule.:)

I signed up for a Greek Mythology class, ENG (intro to Lit), Basic College Math, and a Lifetime and Wellness class. Altogether, it’s 11 credits. :0 Going to be expensive!!!! With books, it’ll be MORE EXPENSIVEEE!!! :0 I hope I can handle all these classes together because I’m taking three classes on one day and another on tues/thurs.

I don’t even know what my major is!!!!!!! I am just doing the General EducationĀ thing and HOPEFULLY I’ll have something in mind before it’s too late.

I am thinking about joining PeaceCorp just in case I’m still undecided but I wouldn’t know how to juggle weather in a foreign country and my lupus at the same time.


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