Hello world!

my first post! looking for cute themes right now 🙂

going through some withdrawls because I want a new game but nothing interests me right now! I want the lego harry potter game but not for 50 bucks! I know it’ll drop in price so I can wait a month or so. Hehe. I’m playing mass effect but that’s at my boyfriends house so the only time I can play that is when I go over there. I have mass effect 2 but I’m still within the first couple hours of the first one. Who knows when I reach it’s sequel. -_-

I’m planning on going to the mall this weekend too.. I need to exchange a shirt at the forever 21. Hopefully I find something with lively print or whatever. I need more cardigans and flats too. Maybe some vans and/or converses. I wish my feet were smaller but at least I can still fit some kids shoes! I def. reccommend all ladies size 7.5 ( maybe 8 ) and under to try kids sized shoes! Save yourself a couple bucks and a lot more options too! Target has some cute kids flats for ten bucks that I want to pick up but who knows when I have the time or cash. Bills, bills, bills like destinys childs would say!!!

Also waiting for my new phone case to come in!!!!! It better be here today or else I’m going to screammmm!!!
But got to shower, long day of work ahead of me!


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