come sail away

Hello there!

My phone case has indeed arrived! Yay<3 Pink just like my soul.

Anyways, my week has been really busy.. monday I had class and then went to chuck-e-cheese with my family. They had a freakin’ game show type of game there. I played with my cousin and uncle and almost all of the questions were for the adults because they talked about topics that the little ones probably had no idea what were about! It would be a fun game if I knew more of the answers lol. however, what was the best thing about going to chuck-e-cheese was that there was probably only two-three other families there! Yay for non-busy days.


Tuesday, my bf and I went to the Newseum. It’s $20 to get in.. student discount was $18, so I saved two bucks. -_- I can see why they charge you though, there were four mini theaters and one 4-D theater which are free (kind of but not really since you just paid $20 to get in). There were six floors and as soon as you walk in, you would have to go to the bottom level and then take an elevator to the sixth floor and work your way down. It was interesting.. but I’m not that into the news/media stuff. It’s a really cool musuem but I’m sure if you like news coverage and what’s it like to be a journalist then you’d REALLY enjoy it. They had a lot of sad information on 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. We both almost cried when watching the 9/11 video.

Wednesday I had class.. then babysitting. Thurs and fri, same shit.

On saturday, my bf and I went to see Easy A. We went before noon so tickets were $6 at the AMC theatre. Yay me! But the movie was so funny, I enjoyed it. It seemed a little rushed at the end but I would still buy it on blu-ray (when its on sale at target hahha). After that, we went to chuck-e-cheese (2 times in a week for me! lol) with my cousin and little brother. 🙂 howeverrr since it was saturday, it was crazy packed. -_- We had to ask an employer for help finding a table. Even on busy days, I haven’t done that before. I really feel for all the workers there, saturdays were such busy days and I remember when I worked at a CEC, I would work 10 hour days on saturday and sunday. Craziness.

My mom came over on Sunday to take us out to eat crabs in DC. It was yummy yummy!!! She bought us 30 pounds worth and we ate them up in a day! Mainly because my dad doesn’t like the smell of crab in the house lol.


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