video games

new game!


I want a new PS3 game to play. I bought killzone 2 but OMGGGEEEEEE it’s pretty hard and I’m only on like TROOPER level! I think that’s easy or medium. It’s a step above the first one. My boyfriend played it too but he sucked, of course. I like COD’s controls (or maybe I’m just used to it) so I switched it to that but when I look around the battlefield, the camera moves pretty fast so when I shoot someone, my aim’s off. So I’m going to return that. I bought Rise of the Argonauts yesterday so hopefully it’s good!!! I really want lego harry potter so me and bf can play together but it’s still 50 bucks. I know the price drop will come soon, I’m hoping at least! I also want the pink controller. Hehe.

After like a billion years, Animal Crossing Wild World finally drops in price. I don’t know if it’s just a sale at gamestop  or it’s a seriously-finally-freakin price drop. I want that game. I bought it for the wii but traded it in. I might buy again but I’m not sure!



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