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I’ve been shopping and I’ve got reviews to prove it!


Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel for oily skin.

I kind of like this. I have oily skin because of this medicine I’m taking so I felt like this would be better for me than the regular facial lotion one. However, it feels weird to put on because it’s gel. I think it’s because I’m so used to my old DOVE face lotion (WHICH I LOVED, 5 OUT OF 5 STARS). I put a little bit on, I put on too much once (probably like nickle size, I need at least a dime size) and you could totally tell because my face was all shiny. I’ve used it a few times and it isn’t bad; my face does NOT look as oily. I’m not totally used to it because it’s gel but I probably will be soon enough. I spent $25 on this product.


ST. Ives Restoring 24 Hour Moisture Lotion

Okay. This product is okay. I feel like I have to put on two or three layers for my skin to moisturize. I was just going to put on here that I may return it.. but I think I threw away the reciept. -_- This lotion doesn’t even smell good, it smells a little like old lotion. The kind you’ve had sitting on your counter forever and when you use it, it has a sort of dusty smell. There’s this other ST. Ives lotion that smells really good… it had the same blue label on front so I thought I got the good smelling one but I did not!! Ugh, my skin still feels scaly even after I put some on my hands! They don’t look ashy but it definitely feels it. I give this product a 3 out of 5. I spent $3 on this at Target I think.

Bought these two games!!!! Darksiders is a lot like God Of War, which I haven’t even finished yet! I played a little so I’m not going to fully review it.
ANIMAL CROSSING HOWEVER…. I would say I LOVE but I HATE the stupid time traveling thing they did to it! In the gamecube version, I could easily switch to the next day and there would be no consequences. What I mean by switch is that I will play on Monday in AC world.. then I save my game and I go to the options mode and change it to Tuesday. When I’m done on Tuesday, I’ll save and go to Wednesday and so on and so forth. In the freakin’ DS version (and Wii version too, I think) if you switch to the next day (or to next week or next month) constantly then it is considered time traveling and doing this affects my turnip prices!!!! Okay, this may not make sense to those who don’t play the game so let me explain… turnips are like stocks in real life. The more you buy, you can get more bells (money) back if you sell on the right day at Tom Nook’s shop. Tom Nook is this racoon who stalks you when you enter his shop. Anways, since I switch my times.. I can only sell turnips back for under 100 bells which is TERRIBLE because I used to be able to sell back for 999! How am I supposed to pay my mortage on my home when I only make 2,000 bells from these damn fishies! I also don’t like how much harder it is to get fossils. I give this game a 4 out of 5. This is an extremely fun simulation game where you can decorate your house as you SLOWLY pay it off to Tom Nook. You can increase your relationships with your neighbors (who are all animals) by doing things for them, talking to them and mailing them letters or you can decrease it by hitting them with your nets and pushing them into pitfalls!
This game makes me want to buy the wii version again but I HATE how if you run on an area too much, then the grass disappears, like in real life if you step on a patch of grass too much, it becomes dirt.

I haven’t bought any clothes recently.. I decided a long time ago to spend $20 a month on clothes/accessories but haven’t really bought any clothes since deciding to do so lol. I only made that decision because I spend so much on clothes when I suddenly shop again. Like, I’ll go months without buying anything and then suddenly I spend $300 on clothes. However, I’m not going to go shopping for a LONG time because I have a credit card I need to pay off. I want to pay it all off and then I think I’m going to use that for my $20 a month thing. Or maybe cancel that and get a target credit card, hehehe.

OKAY. I think that is all! Till next time..


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