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A week ago, probably longer, there was this deal on; just spend $25 and it’ll be worth $50 at Nordstrom Rack! I really don’t know how to word that.. but basically I just spend 25 bucks and got something worth 50. It was awesome. I, of course, got something as soon as I got the coupon confirmation (which was the next day).

I got a Juicy Couture wristlet. I had to spend an additional ten bucks on it but whatever! It was regularly 60 bucks (at the Rack, I think like 130 is the regular Juicy price). I really like it because it’s nice in size but I feel like the strap might rip off. I use it all the time because I’ve been looking for a nice wristlet forEVER and there are lots of days where I don’t want to use a big bag and just take something small but if the freakin strap breaks then it will no longer be called a wristlet but a CLUTCH. I don’t want a clutch, I don’t want to have to place it in between my arm and woman part or hold it with my bare hands! Also the leather material doesn’t seem that… strong. I already found a small tear. I mean, I use it more than my regular purses but I do not go out all the time for it to already have a tear. I’m still happy I got it though! 4 out of 5 for Juicy wristlets!

But I just wanted to really say that groupon is AWESOMEEE. They have great deals, there was one a couple days ago that went like this, ‘Spend $118 for 6 treatments for laser hair removal. Regularly priced at $1000!’. It sold out quickly though. -_- Also have good deals for a lot of different food places. I hope they have another Nordstrom Rack groupon. Hehe.


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