You’re my Golden Sunshine

I went through two firsts yesterday. I woke up early in the morning and got ready to speak at my old high school. I have NO idea what I was thinking because I am NOT a good speaker. I get all red and/or start talking too fast or have no idea what I’m talking about.. and I didn’t even have a speech prepared. And what makes it more crazier is that I VOLUNTEERED to do this myself! I honestly couldn’t believe how big my balls were the day I just agreed to do it. I’m not a good public speaker unless it’s full of a room with people who I know or am comfortable with. The kids I was speaking too were a bunch of junior kids. Actually, the whole junior class. So many eyes were on me, I don’t believe I got too red but I do know that I did not look professional or prepared. I kept having to look back at my counselor (the person who asked who would like to volunteer to do this) to ask her what I should say next. SO EMBARRASSING! I’m trying to make myself make it seem like it’s okay though because I signed up for this on Sunday. I should’ve told the Junior class that so they won’t think I’m just that bad of a speaker. -_____-

I give myself a C+!

Then way later on that day, or night actually, my boyfriend and I went to a concert in B-more!!!!! Matishayu was performing and this band called Moon Taxi opened up for him. I keep wanting to call them Moon Cake, lol. But it was at Rams Head Live and it was a really nice venue! I would definitely go back because it’s also by the Baltimore Aquarium, a HUGE barnes and nobles and a chipotle. That sounds like a good date for me and bf. But it was my very first concert and I was NOT disappointed. I mean, it sucked that I had to stand for like four hours or something but I was really digging the music. For those of you who don’t know, Matishayu is a jewish reggae freestyle… rapper? Singer? He can do it all, I think. He was really good live and he performed for a long time. I thought he was going to go on for about an hour and a half or something but he was on for like three hours. I was like, ‘damnnnn, I like your shit but my legs hurt! I want to leave soon!’ lol but I really did like everything he performed last night. I would buy his music on iTunes. I went with my bf, my cousins, their neighbor and my cousins husband. It was a good time. We left around 12.. got home around 1:30. So tired.. and I had class this morning. @o@ I don’t regret going though! I wish I would’ve bought a shirt or something… If you’re reading this, go check out his stuff! I like the song Sunshine.

I give him an A+!!!!!!!!

Moon Taxi did really good too! They did some reggae stuff, I like them. Youtube them as well! Matishayu first though! lol


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