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Product Review: St. Ives Lotion

Okay, I’ve definitely had to do an urgent update on the item I reviewed a couple weeks ago.

This St. Ives Restoring 24-Hour Moisture Lotion is terrible! I give it .5 stars out of 5! I don’t want to give it any stars but I’m just being nice! My skin still feels dry even after I slather amounts onto my ashy skin. I’m like WTF!!!!! I keep seeing small white skin peeling out from my fingers (I think they’re called hang nails? I don’t know.) and I’ve NEVER had this problem while using Vaseline Body Lotion. If you’re reading this and you STILL decide to try out this lotion, PLEASE keep the reciept just in case you get disappointed. I am going to keep this lotion downstairs and switch it for the Vaseline lotion we have.

NOW, I have used the St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea butter hand lotion and that was NOT bad. I will not lie, I didn’t use it often because it was kind of scented and my skin is sensitive to ANY kind of scented lotion but when I did, my skin was not flaky at all. So wtf is up with their 24-Hour Moisturizing one?!

I have NO affliation with the St. Ives or Vaseline company, I’m just trying to spread the word to you good people!


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