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Hello! I know I just uploaded a post yesterday? Couple days ago? Heheh, don’t remember but I wanted to post another one about a wonderful idea!!
I bought some candles at bed bath and body works and once the wax was all gone I decided to wash it and clean up the rest of the wax residue. Now, they are clear little small cups (I guess you could say) so I put small (or not so big) things in them. I really like the outcome!

So I’ve used three candles from bath and body works (I have another but theres still a lot of candle wax in it). I had one of those bigger candles from BB&BW but I think I may have thrown it away (REGRETFULLY). As you can see, I put lipgloss in one, rings in another and hair things in my last. The one with all the make-up brushes is a candle holder from CVS I think. It’s from febreeze or some other smell-good company. The pink thing holds all my sd cards and whatever memory things I have. I don’t know why I left it in the picture.

Heres my lipgloss storage. Stila, MAC and a chapstick and I probably have space for one or two skinny/medium sized lip glosses. Out of all of these cute little storage things, I like to look at my lipgloss one the best. I think it looks cuter and nicer.

Here is my make-up brush one. I might just switch this to my last clear one when the wax is all gone but I’m not sure yet. I probably don’t like it as much just because the brushes fall and don’t stand like my lipglosses. It’s probably also because I don’t have as much brushes as I do lipglosses…

I am happy that I decided to keep these candle holders and use them for a good purpose. Downside of this though was that these small candles are $9.50 by itself! (CVS was like $5) There WAS a sale at BB&BW so I got two candles for $10 but after the sale I don’t think I’m going to go back there to buy more candles. Too expensive for me. So does anybody know of scents similar to the scent Pineapple Orchid from BB&BW?? LOVE the scent but I don’t know if I can spend $10 on just one small candle. :/

Anyways, have you ever kept these candle holders and used them for something other than holding candles in? Please share ideas! I may have more candle holders in the future and may not know what to keep them for. 🙂


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