What’s Been Going On?

I haven’t updated much in a while and I don’t know what to say about that… but I do have pictures of my adventures the past couple of weeks! The oldest ones will be first and my recent ones will be last.

Disney on Ice! Princess Wishes! Saw the show from a suite, it was incredible! The first pic is what the stage looked like before the show went on and the second pic is of one of the princess’ awesome carriages!

Went to this lame mall in Manassas (Manassas Mall) but saw this awesome little Arthur ride! 😀 Also got this shirt at Hot Topic there for $20! It says, ‘I’m too epic to fail’. True words for a man of that stature. What also didn’t suck about this mall was that it still has an arcade in it! It is on across from the McDonalds in its own little corner. It’s not too big but it is still an arcade. I think this mall will be the next Springfield mall.

Went to New York with my mother! I didn’t want to take a lot of pics because I didn’t want to seem too touristy (living by DC and all, I always get annoyed when I see huge tourist groups.. but it doesn’t bother me much that they’re tourists.. it’s just the fact that they would be the tourists groups in PENTAGON MALL!!!! Why would you go to a mall if you’re visiting the area?!?!?) The stores we went too were Sanrio store, some souvenior shop, lots of chinatown bakeries (many cheap goodies!), Nintendo World (BEAUTIFUL), and some chinatown shops. The stores I missed were Kinokuniya, 8 Bit and Up, and a Video Games Retro store.

These are the things I bought in New York. I also bought a Nintendo Monopoly for my bf. I wish I bought more but my mother and I didn’t stay there long and I felt bad that we were doing shopping for me and not enough for her. She wanted purses from Chinatown but we didn’t really see any. I wish we did because she was really excited for them but she left with none. 😦

Me and My bf went to DC for the Crime and Punishment Museum. I thought our time in there was going to be as long as the time we spent in the Newseum (which was about six hours) but we only spent two and a half hours in this one. After the Museum, we went to Urban Outfitters and bought these little doily things for $0.99! They are currently on sale and come in four colors. The teal blue, lime green, white and black. I got one of each.

 PIPEROIDS! My cousins got these for last christmas and I have been in love since! I found out I could get them at a store in DC (Wake up Little Suzie) so after Urban Outfitters, I ordered my bf to take me. The only downfall about these is the price. I bought this for $17… and they’re just paper robots! I think another store in DC (Ginza, its before the tunnel going towards the National Zoo.. still on Conventinal Ave) sells them so hopefully it’s a lot cheaper there. I also want to mention that when I found out Wake up Little Suzie sells piperoids, I went on yelp to find out more about the store. On yelp it said that there were a lot of cool and electic stuff.. but when I went I wasn’t very much impressed. There were cool stuff but I kind of expected there to be more. One thing that they got right on yelp was that things are pretty expensive.

How adorable are they?!?! Lyric, Hook and Track.. the hip-hop trio!!! hehe! I am going to buy more! Oh, just to let everyone know.. there are four or five long pipes that came in the package and I had to cut along the straight white lines to make them smaller. These took about 30 – 45 minutues to set up. It was actually a lot harder than it looks.

I bought the gray one before knowing I was going to New York (Going to New York was a last minute trip thing). But I love both!!!!! I’m going to use the black one more for school because I like to have a small bag to put my crap inwhile my backpack carries my books. Let me tell you the price though… you will be shocked!!!! My larger gray purse cost me $50 online w/ free shipping.. and my black one cost me $65! :0 Now, the black one was bought from the Sanrio store and the gray one was bought on Amazon.. but still… theres such a HUGE size difference  that when you find out the price, it’s unbelieveable lol.

I made this little car for my little cousin. There are the head lights and the wheels on the side. The little toy on the side is a baby cashier thing. When he got inside the car, he grabbed the wii wheel and began to drive. He then proceeded to say, ‘I go to the bank!’ The bank was the little yellow toy. 🙂 And yes, it was intentional for me to make the car different colors.  

My ticket to the Crime and Punishment Museum. Got it on GROUPON! They were selling these for $10… if you were to buy these at the actual Crime & Punishment Museum, then it costs $19.50 for adults (ages 12 – whatever +). Definitely got these for a steal. =D


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