jap festival

On April 9TH was the Japanese Street Festival in DC. I am TOTALLY late for writing about this but better late than never. ^_^;

I went with my friends and bf and it was totalllyy fun. I bought many goodies, I think I spent about $200 or something. There was a free parade, but I didn’t see it. I was too excited to enter the actual street festival so that’s why I missed the parade. So anyways, entry was $5. There were two stages, both on opposite sides of the festival. I remember one stage had a ‘cosplay show off’ or something lol. It was pretty cool but there weren’t enough people participating in it. It really made me want to go to an anime convention though.

Five people participated. The main highlight of the entire showing was the announcer on the left, he was funny. I’m kidding, all of them did good jobs. Hehe. I wish more people showed off their outfits if they did were something though! I would’ve dressed up if one of my friends dressed up along side me. Hehe.

My friends and I also played ‘house’ with a Kotatsu!! A kotatsu is a low wooden table that has sides covered in a blanket. The japanese pull it out during winter time because you put your arms and legs underneath the blanket and it’s extremely warm and cozy. I probably didn’t explain it right, lol.

The stand next to the kotatsu had a Shinto Shrine and a portable shrine. The shrine I went too had an offertory box and a bell that I had to ring once I offered money. I was extremely excited to do this because in a lot of animes I watch, the characters go to these shrines and do all this stuff like offer money, make a prayer, and then ring the bell. I asked the priestess immediately if it were possible to do the whole ‘shrine thing’ and was extremely happy when she said I could.

There was a lot of shops to buy things. I, of course, went crazy. I went from stand to stand, looking for the best things to get. There was an ‘i heart guts’ shop, ‘kawaii stuff’ shop, and some regular anime selling shops. A lot of stuff seemed expensive but when I looked online for similar items, it was a few dollars cheaper to buy them at the festival than buying online. For instance, there were these incredibly cute ‘tea for two’ tea sets by Shinzi Katoh. They were being sold at the festival for $29 but online it sells for $35 and up. I’ve seen some for $45-$50 something. It really makes me regret not getting them while I was there. Next year, I am going to bring $300 or something, haha.

Anyways, here are the stuff I got. I bought a Sephiroth cellphone charm…. but Sephiroth disappeared while I was out shopping. 😦 I wish I lost him while I was at home and not out in the real world…. 😦



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