Got the new pink hello kitty vans.

Might get the black/red ones!

OH!!! and for those who are considering getting the vans then I suggest you go half a size down. I am normally a size 7 but I had to get a size 6.5 because 7 was a little too loose.

Also, has anyone gone to the h&m or forever 21 in DC? H&M there has two floors and the forever 21 has three!!!!! Its beautiful!! It’s right by the metro and about a ten minute walk from chinatown. The downside to the stores though is that it gets crazy busy even at like 11 am on a weekday. I was like WTFFFFFFFFF. I guess people were on their lunch break and just decided to go shopping.

I kind of like the H&M at Tysons Mall though but just because it’s more open to look around.


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