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First day of class!!

Today was my first day of english class! The class started at 11 and I got inside the classroom at like 10:55 so when I walked inside, there was already a shitload of people in the class and I felt like I was walking on the runway when I was trying to find a place to sit at. I ended up picking a seat behind some tall girl who had her hood up the entire class period so I could only see half the board!!!!! -_- This semester I wanted to stay away from the front seats row because of any future potential clothing issues but there was a really good seat in the front row all the way at the end of the row that I should’ve taken but since I had such an idiot mind this morning, I didn’t take it!! So now I have to sit behind tall hoodie girl and pray for the best. #awkwardgirlproblems

My professor was funny though, sometimes. I guess class will be entertaining this semester but what sucks is that she’ll kind of go off topic and drone on about it. The class is only an hour and fifteen minutes long! We didn’t even finish talking about the syllabus, there was about NINE pages of the syllabus and we only got to page four. -___- So I guess I’m a little worried about how she’ll deal with lectures in class… :0

I am extremely excited to start a new semester though. I wish I had more money to take another class but what can you do? 😦


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