Me Before You

Has anyone watched the movie yet? What about read the book? It’s such a good read and really has me involved in Louisa’s story and her feelings towards Will.

It’s in first person perspective with it changing to the other characters perspective for probably 3 or 4 chapters? I remember you see the perspective of Nathan the caregiver, Camilla the mother and then the father. Maybe Treena as well but can’t remember for sure.

It’s definitely a heartbreaking story. I would definitely recommend reading the book even if you’ve seen the movie because there are a lot more details, of course, and I feel like it adds more to the flow of the movie. I read the book before the movie and I feel like some parts of the movie went by a little too fast with its scene jumping where if I didn’t read the book then I would probably be confused at some parts.

Now the movie does stay true to the book with some dialogue altered slightly but not where it was like WTF and it wasn’t too much to where it was bothersome. There are two different parts of the book they left out of the movie involving another family member (Will has a sister) and Will’s father but I guess it wasn’t too integral to the main story to be added.

The dialogue and conversations of the book itself can be quite funny and light hearted at times. Louisa is a very likeable character and her no-nonsense sarcastic yet caring artitude will make you enjoy her as much as Will did.

If you enjoyed the movie and a good read then this should be the next book you pick up.


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